My daily success habits

Today is day 5 of the ten-day blog challenge of the freedomplan.

The theme is to write about daily success habits. I find that having some routine in my day increases my productivity. I sometimes change them around depending on the place I am and the weather. I live a lot around daylight and being able to enjoy time outdoors so I want to make sure that I have time during the day to catch some fresh daytime air.

First thought when I wake up in the morning is that I put source energy in charge of my day.

I take a moment to reflect on potential worries for the upcoming day and ask to be guided.

I do a short meditation where I see an altar in the middle of my head, and I put all that I can think off on that altar.

I ask for it to be altered. I say: “I am willing to see this differently” and I pray for the happiness and well-being of anyone who pops into my mind and especially for those who might have wounded me in the past. This exercise puts my right mind in charge and not the mind of the ego.
I then go downstairs and do my gratitude exercise followed with yoga if time allows. Sometimes my first call is at 5 am so the yoga gets postponed for later during the day or replaced with a quick walk.
My next daily habit is to write in my journal. I write whatever comes to my mind preferably with a fountain pen. The last five days I have been writing this blog challenge and journaling less.
My other habit is to have a reminder set on my phone that says Check in. Those are the times I reset my mind to make sure I am still being mindful.
Daily I post on social media, I use the app Way of Life to keep track of the habits that are important for my success. I not only put in where to be active online but it also keeps track of healthy habits like my yoga, hiking, walking on the beach, meditating. And then I let myself be guided towards my goals. I allow them to happen.


Comment here below what your favourite daily habits are:

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