As a mentor, I help highly stressed women to create a brand new personal and professional life. I left the high-flying corporate life to come down to earth in my little paradise. I’m making more magic to share with you and help you find your heaven on earth.

Everything at its pure essential existence is energy.
Energy is always in motion.

You are made of energy, and you are made to create and evolve.
Going with change can bring lots of challenges.

Changing or quitting your job and selling your company can make you feel like the whole world is tumbling down on you. You know deep inside that you need to make a change because you are running empty.

Because I can read your energy field as a clairvoyant, I can see where your energy is presently stuck. I will lead you through the obstacles. I will guide you and give you some amazing life hacks that I tested when I moved to the other side of the world and left the hectic lifestyle to live close to the beach with many animals.
Together we will heighten your intuition and bring contact with your soul essence.

What are you meant to be doing this lifetime?

What has to be released, and what has to be created?

To travel this road alone is hard, so if you are ready to invest in an experienced mentor to guide you along your unique path, let’s talk.

Please email me at and explain where you are, where you want to go and why you think we are an excellent fit.



You are looking for clarity about what to do next. You are too stressed to connect to your higher self. You want a highly intuitive clairvoyant to do that for you. You want someone to let you know what your soul is trying to tell you in regards to you moving forward in your life.



A big change is calling you, and it is hard to do on your own. You are looking for a spiritual mentor to help you tap into your inner wisdom and create the change you know is needed. Finally, you are going to make this happen with the support you deserve.



Connect with the Divine and reduce your stress by bringing clarity to your true priorities. You want to start your week peacefully and with enhanced motivation to do on what needs to be done to keep you moving forward towards the life of your dreams. Gathering online with others to create this higher vibrational level is just what you need

I am here to help you access the deepest places within you, connect you to your intuition and help you make important decisions in an empowered way. After each healing, you will feel connected to the truth of your heart.

Many of my clients have massive realizations and AHA moments, or can finally relax and feel peace for the first time in years.
After a  powerful session you will leave with:

➡ Positive outcomes for how you want your life to be

➡ A new awareness of what is causing many of your challenges in your life right now (they may not be what you think)

 ➡ A renewed sense of energy about turning your life into one of joy, happiness, and fulfilment (and what you need to let go of)

➡ A “next-step” action plan for moving closer to getting the life of your dreams; feeling loved, connected to your beloved, supported by your community, happy and full of joy.

“Thank you, Nadine! Your idea was brilliant, it removed my creative block and now my business has finally taken off”

Kimberly Ann Creative

Timing, payments, cancellation policy and scheduling.


  • Mentoring is a sacred partnership, one that calls for a deep commitment to the journey. Your purchase of a mentoring program is non-refundable. If you’re wondering whether this is the right program for you, please take some time to familiarise yourself with my work and consult with your own soul before investing.
  • All mentoring sessions take place over the phone and sometimes with Zoom. 
  • I recommend calling in from somewhere quiet, private, and comfortable and using a hands-free headset for the call.
  • If you wish, a complimentary recording of our phone sessions will be provided for you. You’ll receive a link to the recording so you can re-listen to our conversation anytime you wish.
  • Phone session appointments are available suited to different timezones.
  • If you must cancel an appointment, please let me know at least 96 hours (4 days) in advance. This time is being held for you — missed appointments and late cancellations will not be rescheduled or refunded.

If you have questions about my private mentoring program, please email

Thank you! I look forward to our work together.