Yes, I was wrong! And that is a great emotion to work with too. If you watched last week’s video you know how I talked about Louis, the Bichon Frisee, no longer being there. I kept feeling he was ok. I was also sad because I couldn’t cuddle him. Friday low and behold Obi, the Cavoodle, insisted that my husband opened the door to the backroom of the shed and Louis ran out straight to the house and on to my lap. The weirdest emotional roller coaster! I started doubting my intuition and vision big time. Luckily some dear friends and fellow psychics gave me comfort.
Have you ever had an intuition about something and that afterwards, it seems weird?
Did you analyse what happened?
So here is what I came up with. Louis said to me several times “I’m ok” and at the bottom line, he was and is. He never barked or even scratch a door to make clear he had the intention to break out. Was he tuning into the energy of being isolated?
I was told that the first year of his life he never left the concrete floor of the garage they kept him. Did his soul needed him to relive that so that he could forgive and let go? Is he following his soul’s path? We are all going through the experience we need in order to grow and evolve and that road can be very bumpy. As you might know, I help women in their 40’s-50’s that are stressed out and want to change direction but don’t know where to start. They are looking for a guide/mentor to help them along this type of bumpy road. If you know someone who is looking for this type of help I would appreciate it deeply and hopefully, so would they if you bring them in contact with me. My email is