Hey, it’s Nadine here with my weekly video. I was just using my old OSHO Zen Tarot deck to get some information about what I should talk about this week. Sometimes there’s so much happening, that I don’t know where to start. The main issue that came up for this week is this card. That’s the brother of Buddha, Ananda, this Sorrow Card. When the Buddha died, Ananda started crying. They asked him: How can you cry? You should be happy. The Buddha left this world fulfilled. Ananda however said, I’m feeling sorry for myself because I’ve been all the time next to him, and I have not attained enlightenment. But then the next morning, he did. The message is mainly that any pain that you feel is so that you would become more aware. The pain is there to make you aware. The pain is not to hurt you, to bring you to a lower vibrational level and to bring out anger or whatever other energy, emotional. It’s to just be able to sit. He sat all night through. He didn’t act from pain. He really used it as a tool to raise his awareness.

So this week, tried to use it. When you become aware of the cause of your pain you might encounter Guilt. Guilt is a very negative emotion, and that can’t bring you to a positive path. You become aware of the guilt and then you let go of it staying with it doesn’t help you to attain your higher vibrational being. Guilt won’t help you there. Laziness can be also deceiving you. You might think, Oh, I’m a Zen master. I’m just sitting there. But as you can see, this man drinking his Pina Colada thinking he has it all made. However it has started to fall apart, and the mirror is cracking. What is really needed this week is the essence of the card of existence. This person is sitting on a Lotus sleeve looking at the universe and completely naked. You drop your guilt, you drop your story, and you just accept that you are needed the way you are in existence. Existence would not be full without you. The more you can really feel that and go into that, the more you will feel the love, and the more you can let the universe work through you, your higher self, when you know, okay, this is what I’m supposed to be.

This reminds me of a story. There once was a little bush with white flowers. It was really small, just a small plant, really. The little plant was very unhappy with how it was. It was crying, and next to these big oak tree. The oak tree asked the little white flowery plant why are you crying? The small plant said because I am so small. I was hoping by now I would be big and strong like you, like the oak tree. Very tall with an amazing view and very strong. However, I’m just this little bunch of flowers. The oak tree says, but you are needed the way you are. You bring joy to people. People walk by and go like, Oh, my God, look at these beautiful flowers. And they enjoy it, where I might sometimes just be used by a dog to be weed upon. Or people might look at the tree and fall in love with the tree as well, but both are needed. One is not better than the other. It would be a strange world if there would only be big, tall oak trees and not also small little plants with flowers. So I think that’s a lot about especially letting go of the control for a moment, just accept the way things are. This is how it is, and drop the story about how it should be. Accept who you are and where you are and use the existing pain to raise your awareness.

Things are happening. Emotions will be there, energy is always in motion. If you see images that are disturbing your core sit with the pain and go deep. If is your personal life that is not going the way you thought it would be going just for a moment accept that is what it is. Create the trust that you are needed by existence the way that you are, your experience is there to raise your awareness. And that’s it, folks, for this week. If you are local, you know that I had some extra books printed for when you come to my book signing on Friday. The first print of Yes I Do and I did it was almost 10 years ago. I moved into a new area here in Australia and the local bookstore is organising a book signing and speech so that will be fun. I realised every 10 years when the number in front changes, I feel like doing something big. Either I moved from Belgium to Australia with my two suitcases all by myself, or I wrote a book. So 2024 is again a big number coming up. I’m thinking, maybe I’m just going to stare naked at the stars I don’t have the lotus leaf to sit on but you get my drift. Anyways, watch this space. What will I get up to next year? Lots and lots of love. And see you all on my next video. Bye for now.