Who is right and who is wrong?

Hey, it’s Nadine here. It’s Monday morning, 16th of October. And we had a very difficult weekend here in Australia. It made me ponder what is the message I’m getting that makes sense of all this confusion and division?

What is the thing that I really should focus on and that is beneficial for everybody, whether you’re in this camp or in that camp? It seems like the last couple of years, you’re either for this, or you’re for that. And there’s hardly anybody who says, I understand people on both sides. I see where people are coming from. Can we try and find a way forward where everybody is being heard, where everybody has the right to speak their thoughts, wherever they want, whichever platform they want to talk to? Can they at least say openly why they think things are good a certain way and not good another way? And can we have open discussions about things without being called names, without being dehumanised? And can we just for a moment all stay still and centred and realise if there’s one thing that we all share is that we’re human beings? And one thing we all want is we all want to be loved.


We all want to be appreciated while we are in this human body, which is only a very temporary time. It’s nothing, really. I think is E. Tolle who told the following story: When you go to a cemetery and you see two dates, my case, it starts with 1900. Now, there’s a lot of people that start with 2,000 something—and then you see a dash and you see another number. That dash between that first number and that second number, that’s your whole life. While we’re here, we make so much fuss just trying to be right, trying to be on the right camp. Not always being aware we are letting ourselves be divided. Seeing around us others saying or thinking ourselves things like:  I am a good person, you are a bad person because you don’t share my beliefs. You don’t share my background, my ethnicity, my this, my that, and everything gets divided. Instead of growing closer to one big thing we all have in common. We all have in common that we share a human experience: what it is to be human. That’s what we’re experiencing, and the polarity that can skyrocket and that goes like, This is good and that is bad.


Card for this week:

I’m picking a card to get some extra clarity from an oracle deck called Aboriginal Dream Time Oracle from Mel Brown. It doesn’t say if the artwork is from the same person. I can only say the name Mel Brown because I want us to dream, dream about the possibility that we all find common ground, that we all can have a dialogue without upsetting each other, and that we can live without wars, and different opinions. Yes, we don’t need to all think the same thing, but we have to share these limited resources that we have here on this planet.


In the video that this text is a transcription from you can now see the alpacas fighting over food. I have to feed him separately sometimes. Maca the smallest one is getting skinnier because the other ones don’t let him finish his food. And now we can see that they are sharing again.  This little tiff in the background reminds me that if we look at ourselves and how we behave from a high perspective, we still go into that survival of the fittest mode, and we should be making our way past that. And we should have compassion for people who don’t have our resources and our advantages in general.

So let us dream of what is possible, what can help us right now. The card I pulled says Rebirth. Oh, I love that. This is a sign of rebirth, and that is what we need. We need to be like a phoenix and rise from our ashes and rebirth. Here is the text that accompanies this card: “The caterpillar’s first memories are being enveloped in a cocoon of warmth and safety. It spends its day lazily drifting from sleep to consciousness, knowing that it is safe and sheltered in its world. One day the Caterpillar wakes feeling a little different and realises that wings are beginning to grow on his back. At first, the caterpillar is not concerned, but as the days go by, the wings slowly grow larger, making his home much smaller and more uncomfortable as each hour passes. This scares that Caterpillar, as he is unsure of what will happen if he grows out of his cocoon and suddenly his cocoon bursts open and exposes him to a new world. At first, he was very afraid but then realised that as his beautiful wings were stretched, he would be able to fly and see the world. The world was a scary place full of danger, but as he could no longer fit inside his cocoon, he would have to take the chance and live his life, exploring the world in front of him.

It’s time for you to stretch your wings. You like the comfort of what you know, and change can be a challenge for you, but sometimes that can be used as an excuse to never take a chance. It’s time to leave the comfort of your nest and make a move. The benefits of the change you are contemplating outweigh the challenges. So just make the move!”  

What I also suggest:

It’s time to make a move. And the biggest move that we need to take is inward. Instead of being focused on division, on the anger, on the, “Oh, this is so wrong”. Let’s go inside and let’s say, where can we unite? Where can we find love? Love for our enemies? Where we can find love for people who have done us wrong? Where can we find that? Is there a place where we can see that we share certain things? No matter how upset we get, can we go inward and find love and peace inside of us?

Wishing you a beautiful week ahead. Don’t forget to make time to dream. Maybe just go and lie outside and stare at the stars and make up a dream where we all just get along and we all have fabulous lives.


Here is the video: