As I was riding Romeo today I started thinking about how we like to put the blame outside ourselves. When I notice that I start to blame my horse for not acting the way I want it to act I reflect. I go to the place where I ask the question “where is my part in all this?” Am I sitting too stiff, too forward, too behind, balancing my weight in the reins instead of my body and so on. I do a full check of where I might be responsible for the way my horse is behaving.
My mind had to think about how we are brought up with stories of people blaming others. We all heard the story of Adam and Eve when we were kids and how they got thrown out of heaven. When God said to Adam Why did you eat from the apple tree when I told you not to Adam straight away pointed the finger at Eve and said: “She made me do it!” Eve in her turn blamed the snake for seducing her. Not one of them said, ok I take full responsibility for my action. I ate the apple. It is the moment that we put the blame outside of us onto others that we are kicked out of our paradise.
When we own our emotions, our beliefs, our thoughts and actions and stop blaming society, family, friends, religion, politics you name it, we come home to our true being and enter the garden of Eden.
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sending you lots of love and if you need any help let me know maybe you are ready to go next level and leave struggling behind