If you have been following me for a while, you know I love to tune into the energies that are moving in and around us. I had no inspiration this week, so I had to take advice from my favourite card deck: Spirit Cards Oracle Deck from John Arthur Moseley. I’ve been feeling tired in general and feel like there is a thick skin between my life and source energy where I can usually tap in for more information about what is going on in my life and why I am experiencing certain emotions. What came up is that we have been going through a time of shedding, transmutation and integration. We have been letting go of the things that are no longer in alignment with our souls’ wishes. Right now we are in “bear spirit” we are looking inside, we are staying at home and also going to our spiritual place that is our real home. We are getting to “emerge” in the near future. We are getting ready to expand, to experience a breakthrough and rise above the level we have been passing the last decade in. This year I’m not doing a plan your year ahead. I’m going to break it up in 12 weeks segments. My friend Avil Beckford who is such an inspiration to get you reading life-changing books talked about the 12 week year on her IG account (make sure to follow her on IG! https://www.instagram.com/avilbeckford/). It just makes more sense for me to divide the year into segments of 12 weeks and go for 12 weeks at a time. If we only make a plan in January not much changes, come March we have already forgotten what the plan was anyway. I will keep you posted about how this plans out. Meanwhile, I’m sending you all lots of Love