We have Venus and Jupiter in retrograde and we can expect to be pulled back in the past. What a great opportunity to reconsider, rethink, redo, re … fill in the dots. It can be about love, about what you love to do and most of all what you came here on earth to learn.

What did you want to learn when you choose to be born in this body, this time, this place?

Can you see it as a puzzle?

Can you see this time as a time-out out to take a distance from your game and reconsider what the next phase of the game is going to be?

The big lesson we are all here to learn is to reconnect to our divine self and that is the title of my new program. 21 days to open up the direct phone line to your divine higher self and get the answers you are looking for. If you want to learn more about this send me an email at nadine@nniptyltd.com and be ready to open up to the truth.

lots of love