This week I want you to bring together what really matters to you and how you see that taking shape going forward. Divine timing is always playing in the background. We might not be aware of the tune on a conscious level however the more you train your spiritual muscle the easier it becomes to surrender to the divine timing of things. When something is meant to happen it will. The things you need in your life to arrive will arrive when the time is right even when it doesn’t seem that way.
There is a bigger knowing that knows when the time is right and you can learn to trust that so it can happen even faster. An important step in manifesting the life you want is to surrender to what is and find love in that situation. It’s the stepping stone to create a new type of life. More in this week’s video. Thank you for hitting the thumbs up button if you like it and even better the subscribe one so you can see the latest version as soon as I put it online