We often think we need to find our purpose. Do you relate that sometimes you think you need to be doing something else than you are doing?
What if for a moment you could see yourself as being on purpose?
You are just making some small changes and doing a bit of tweaking to get even more in alignment than you already are.
We are all on an immense learning curve at the moment and the lesson is to keep your vibrational level high no matter what happens around you.
Find that what you love doing. Even when you don’t know yet how or when just keep following the divine guidance. You are evolving and things will be made clear to you as you go. Stay in the loving energy and remove the need to be right.
Your purpose is to be you.
You are perfect the way you are now.
Even when you think you are not good enough others might enjoy what you are doing and bringing into their life. We are often way too harsh on ourselves so be softer. You have so much to offer to the world
lots of love