Are you attempting too many things at once?

This week I used tarot cards to feel into the energy of the upcoming week. I can see that the week begins with attempting too many things at once. You might lose confidence and wonder where to focus on whilst fulfilling your life’s purpose. Do you have a backup plan?
Midweek you feel pulled between your heart and your head. You desire one thing, but logically you think you need to do something different. You are looking for fresh ideas and a new perspective to solve this dilemma.
Do not succumb to irrational fears. You might have some intense dreams and restless nights. Make sure you nourish yourself on all levels. Do not be afraid to make the wrong decision. You find one way forward and focus on that one. In the video, I explain how I use Focus Booster to keep me focused on one issue for 25 minutes and that I have certain days dedicated to specific tasks. What is your way to stay focused?