Tuning in to the energies of the upcoming week, I felt frustration being a possibility. Mostly frustration in communications. Talking to others about the change you have been going through and how you want to go with the new insights you gained. You might also be feeling others their emotions and having problems getting clarity about what to do with all that. I can see that you are gaining more clarity about what is going on. Your mind wants to explore what is possible for the new you that has been emerging this year. We are balancing out the different energies that have bombarded us through the year. And guess what? You got this! You can harvest all the positive changes you had to make in your life or that you are planning to make.
You did learn new things about yourself and what matters to you most.
You are exploring now how to create the next part of your life.
I’m looking into doing a 2 hours workshop where we can go over the last nine months and see what we can harvest and what we can sow for the next nine months. Let me know what else you would like me to address in this interactive Zoom session. You can email me through Contact me here on this website.