I’ve pulled some Tarot cards to tune into this week’s energy. The beginning of the week was 10 of swords. I have been feeling exhausted and confused but the good news is that personal winters don’t last forever. I literally felt as if swords were in my neck and back and that I could hardly get up. I felt hemmed in by constraints and couldn’t explore the new possibilities I knew that would be offering themselves. Later in the week, we can steer our boat to calmer waters. I felt torn apart by the thesis-antithesis-synthesis structure. I can see both sides and how they have value and how most people mean well and want to do the right thing. However, we haven’t reached the point of synthesis so the confusion is depleting my energy levels. I’m trying energetically to weave them as a tapestry with wonderful contrasting colours. Life here on earth is made out of contrast. Dark and light. Good and bad. Cold and hot. Life and death.
We got this. We can wait for the right time and use our intuition to feel into when is the right time to act and when it is the right time to just be.
Source used: Advanced Tarot from Paul Fenton-Smith