I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw that the cards for this week were mostly cards with swords on them. Talking about cutting edge energy. We have such amazing learning opportunities to practise our spiritual muscle. To be understanding when we are not understood.
To be positive when so many things look bleak.
To be loving towards people who are fearful and acting from that fear towards us.
so some of the words that came to me:
-go within
-seek calmer waters
-you can’t see that the biggest problem is over but it is
-you are clinging to your old beliefs, let go!
-emotional issues need to be resolved before real growth can occur
-do you really need instant gratification?
-are you using your words wisely?
-are you having realistic expectations?
Don’t give up on your goals, just look at what is keeping you away from reaching them.
Healthy routines like grounding will be supportive and healing.
All the swords in this weeks reading indicate that the way forward is keeping an open mind. Don’t break down other their dreams and don’t be too harsh on yourself. Find your love essence inside you and take it with you in the world when you are ready.
Be gentle with yourself!!!!!
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lots of love