I first wasn’t going to make this video today because I have not been able to speak much in the last few days.

I’ve been overwhelmed with emotions and had many tearful moments. Very old memories of me being laughed at when I stood in front of the class as a 10-year-old and everyone laughing at me.

The feeling of not belonging anywhere.

Feeling not good enough and too different from others.

I think it is time we all let go of some old beliefs that are holding us back to fulfil our new way of being who we are meant to be.

Which painful memories can you release now and replace with better ones?

There is so much to look forward to and experience in a bright new future and we don’t need to take our old self with us.

I’m going to up the journaling and meditating and be me and feel safe to release my emotions.

We got this!

lots of love