Hey, it’s Nadine here. I didn’t make a video last week because I spent all week in bed. I wonder if any of you watching this felt different in the previous couple of weeks. I’ve tuned in to the new energies that are available. Some people talk about blue light downloads and new gates that have opened. Going towards 2024, we are discovering new possibilities, vibrational levels and ways of being. Anything old is just being removed. That can go with a fever or with a bug in your belly; maybe you experience insomnia or the opposite, that you sleep more than before. Let me know in the comments if you have similar things; if you go like, I’m being prepared for something new to come into my life, a different way of being. Not same old, same old.

Yeah, I can clearly feel that. So, I’m using the Osho Zen Tarot today. It is my oldest deck, the first one I ever bought, and it was the only one for a long time. I like the energy of this. Though it is ancient, there’s a timelessness to it. I’ll just quickly do the own spreads. Okay. Yeah, as I said, this is the blue energy coming in. That’s that one, the dolphin energy, very bluish light, and it goes from the heart chakra to your third eye so that your heart can open up more, that you can see the different perspectives, and that there’s not just right, wrong, black, white, there’s a big grey area as well. We often are too caught up in a static way of being and resist change. But through this, change can be something very positive. We must be aware that you are needed exactly the way you are, the Lotus, and then you’re sitting there in the universe. This could also be if you lately have been identifying as a star seed. I never before really got into play arts and all these other things.

Until this week, I was reading up about Andromeda. And now I get why none of the other starseeds ever felt comfortable to me. I recognise the energy of the other starseeds, especially Pleyaden energy. However, the Andromeda energy finally feels like home. I read about the characteristics, and they all hit home. In the next couple of months, we will all become more aware of our new energy level and what we came here to do, discovering our soul purpose this lifetime.
The next card is the Miser. You turn old and ugly if you hold on to things, have a firm grip, and can’t let go. There are better ways to go forward than that. The way to go forward is to enjoy yourself, your success, your parade, ride your tiger, enjoy how you are, enjoy your life, and enjoy the success coming to you this week.

And the more you can enjoy that, the more you can stay relaxed, even if everything around you is falling apart. Usually, this has a bit of a different meaning, but because it is on the top there, it means to me that you could keep sipping a Pina Colada while the world you know is cracking apart. And you know you’ve got it and that you are safe. All you do is tune into your inner part and let go of everything you know. You don’t need to have a grasp on them. The more you can let go, the easier this will be and the more successful the outcome. That’s just a general thing, a general gist. If you would like a private one-on-one energy reading, go to my website, nadinenelen.com, and book a Zoom appointment straight into my calendar. I do hope you have a fantastic week.