Hey, it’s Nadine here. I haven’t seen anybody answering my question about how you’ve been going with the new input of energies. Maybe we’re all too tired, too flat out. Some people don’t feel it, and that’s fine. Okay, not everybody is highly sensitive to new downloads. I was looking into the I Ching earlier on. I hadn’t done that in a while. The energy for the upcoming week is the 59, the dispersing and dissolving flowing water and wind. It reminded me of cyclone Jasper, which has started to disperse and dissolve and is just off the coast of Mackay now, north of here. We have also been having wind here, and our sun umbrella broke. There are other things that the weather has been influencing. So the wind and the water. I always find the wind very cleansing. When you go outside and you stand in the wind, imagine all your old stuck energy being blown out. I think that’s why many of us like to go to the beach; it can really cleanse out your auric field, and anything stuck there can be moved out with the wind. I find a lot of the healing was, for me, things stuck being removed so you can move on with a tabula rasa.

The last two weeks, I went out of my comfort zone a bit. I had a book signing ten years after I first published “Yes I Do and I Did It”. I noticed that I had grown separate from it. So it was very strange to go into a bookstore and talk about my book. And this weekend, for the first time ever, I played guitar in public. Going live on a big podium to be part of a Christmas Party singing carols. I also finally finished my drawing with the French Bulldogs. I love drawing animals, and I started drawing one of my horses. Going into the new year, I’ve been thinking I need to keep pushing myself out of my comfort zone. So maybe for you as well, can you have a dispersal and dissolving of old ways that are no longer serving you, old things that you used to do that you’re like, no, it’s no longer me? Maybe you want to update your eating habits or drinking habits? Be prepared for some detoxing symptoms, but eventually, you will end up better with more energy than before.

Many of us have inflammation that we’re unaware of because we’re so used to it. We are so used to unhealthy food that once you become healthy and highly sensitive, you realise there’s so much in the store for sale that it’s actually not good for your body. So this week, see which situations have become unstable for you. Also, reconnect with people. Make sure that you can stay close to the people you want to stay close to; don’t separate yourself. You have to decide whether to try to restore stability, allow things to disperse as they will, or redistribute them purposefully. Those are the things that, as I said, I consulted The Ultimate I-Ching from Anthony Cummins. That was the energy that came up for this week. Because I love to wave dreams, I had very intense dreams this morning. I’m also going to give you a beautiful card from Oracle Deck the Dream Weavers from Colette Baron-Reid. Let me have a look at the meaning of this card 39: “As the weavers’ way is true”.

Trusting and surrendering to an essential partnership with the divine, reclaiming your magic. The mythic story of the Dream Weavers invites us to imagine the purpose of these wise, benevolent beings working on our behalf, who represent a higher wisdom that governs our lives. If we don’t really trust in them or in any divine force, it means we believe only in our human will to make things happen that everything is on our shoulders to carry. If we can’t see the hidden realms, they don’t exist. Only what we see does. Even the idea of our higher self is reduced to a philosophical idea. The effort then becomes primary: hard work, struggle, and goals to achieve difficult relationships. A lot of people live this way. You don’t. You know deep down that you can only do so much on your own. You need this divine partnership to make your life work. You were born to reclaim your magic, your roots, in the mystical ways of the world. Trust becomes essential to surviving and thriving. Today, trust in a way that is illogical, intuitive, perplexing, curious, and creative. This is the Dream Waves way, and it will always tear you into exploration and adventure.

You will meet and befriend extraordinary people who will be your mystical companions. Just keep asking for a sign, and the next step will be revealed. Right now, your choice is obvious to your heart. Follow it and trust the outcome.
If you are interested in connecting to a deeper level to the divine and working your magic, check out my weekly group connect to the divine program here:
In the weekly Connect to the Divine guidance session on Zoom, we go into my heart chakra and, from the heart, connect to the divine and say, okay, this week, what is really important to me? What is the energy that I can fill myself with from the divine? Because you just have to ask. The divine has so many facets. You just ask, Please give me this what I need, and then you feel your need. With all your needs fulfilled, you can go into the world and start giving. Start giving what other people need without you feeling like you’re doing it or that you’re emptying yourself.

You don’t need to do it. You just have to be aware of your own vibrational level. Where are you? Are you at the level of Christ’s consciousness and positive energies? Are you letting yourself be pulled down by your ego and become envious or become easily triggered? There are so many ways. It’s very insidious how it can show up. Don’t beat yourself up if you realise where you still are working on yourself. Journal a lot because the paper is very patient, and you can just write it all down and let it come out that way. Okay, have an amazing week. If you want to join us on the weekly programme, go to nadinenelen.com, and you will find the programme. You could sign up from there. Have a fabulous week, and talk soon. Bye for now.