Nadine’s weekly report: to thine own self be true!

This is not the time to fake it to make it.

We are going through changing times, and it the easiest way to deal with the vibrational shifts that are happening is to train your spiritual muscle. Become aware that others see you through their story and that you come from yours.

So make sure you are true to what you are feeling at any given moment. Don’t take other people their behaviour personally. They are going through their own stuff that is being triggered. It is not your circus, not your monkeys when they are not being nice to you. They are in pain and repeating their view of the world from a belief system that is hurting them. Not everyone is as brave as you to be true to who you really are and drop the false pretences. Not everyone will do the inner change work, the spiritual work that makes this shift in paradigm easier and smoother. Many are too engaged in their story of blaming others and anger. The card I pulled for everyone watching this video was so spot on! It is from the bundle AA Michael (D. Virtue), and it said: Forgive yourself you have done nothing wrong. It asks to release toxic anger or fear towards others and to let go of self-blame and to forgive yourself as well.

I believe in you, and I know you got this!

Now go and be the real you!

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