Did you feel that amazing bright white light coming in on the 21st?

I was hanging out with my horse Romeo. I gave him a nice Reiki treatment and then sat down in front of him. Because he is so photogenic I kept snapping away with my camera. When I posted some of the pictures on IG I realised there was a white ray going straight into his base chakra.

We are all ready to receive this extra strength.

To be who we are and to keep saying no when we want to.

Be like the water that wears away the rock.

Tune into your sovereignty and experience how deep your connection to the divine is. You can always fill up there. The supply is endless. You will find all the strength that you need right there! You got this! If you are on my email list you will see the picture here below of Romeo and his ray. If you’re not on my list go to my website now and subscribe.