I haven’t done a meditation video in a while. One of my first videos on my channel was a meditation so today I’m doing another one. It’s a New Moon In Scorpio and it’s like there’s a lot happening. You might feel extra tired and in need of feeling peace. Today feels very, what should I say, electric, loaded, and maybe you feel like anything can explode. Although it’s a new moon, to me, it almost feels like a full moon, really strange. It is a perfect time to do a meditation. I like to start my meditation with my hands on my heart, take a deep breath in, and out, and I always sit with my spine as straight as possible. Even on a chair, I often sit with my legs crossed, but otherwise, put both your feet flat on the ground. And breathe in and out. Do it one more time. Breathe in and out. And if you want, you can now close your eyes. You can also meditate or contemplate with your eyes open. What makes you feel very at home and peaceful? I’m going to invite you to feel the energy in your heart chakra right here under your hands. What are you feeling there?

Will you breathe in? Just go with the feeling of the air going to your nostrils, into your lungs, and then out. Do you notice a certain type of aliveness? Even just slowing down your breathing, does it calm your mind? Does it calm your mind when you calm your breathing? I want you now to imagine that there is a chord of beautiful lights that starts at the back of your heart and that follows your spine, to your chair, to the floor, through the concrete or soil, whatever you’re sitting on, all the way past water, past rocks, to the centre of the Earth, Mother Earth, Gaia, and connect your tailbone to Mother Earth. She’s always there for you to support you. And then I want you to bring up that energy. You go back past all these rocks and stones, water, water, soil, floor, back into your tailbone, up your spine. Follow your spine and keep following it past your heart, to the back of your neck, and then come out on the top of your head. And now shoot through your ceiling into the sky, past the clouds, past the clouds, satellites and planes, whatever you have to cross to go up, past the moon, the sun, the stars, the Milky Way, and connect to the highest vibrational level you can find.

You can call that the level of the divine, the level of source. You connect to what name you use for the highest vibration. Feel the pure love. And then I want you to start bringing that down, past the Milky Way, past the stars, the sun, the moon, past everything. Just keep it bringing down. Go to the back of your head, back into your body, into your heart, right there where it was connected to Mother Earth. And see how your awareness is now exactly at the middle, the centre of everything that’s happening at high vibrational levels and everything that is happening on the Earth plane. And from that level of awareness, feel peace. Decide for one moment within all the horror that happens in the world, just for one minute now, decide to feel peaceful. We’re breathing in and out. Breathe. Bring it in. And out. Let all the sounds around you from pets and cars or traffic just be. Let it happen. Sit here peacefully with your soul in this little moment in time, just breathing, and remind yourself that you cannot change what happens to you in the moment when it is happening.

The only thing you can change is how you’re going to react to it. And see if you can react in this peaceful way. When you can and when you can’t, and don’t beat yourself up. We are experiencing what it is to be a spiritual being in a human body, maybe awareness of the stumbling of that human being, trying to be more spiritual. And sometimes we just can’t, and that is okay. You start welcoming the change in your life, a more peaceful life, more spiritually guided. Remember, no matter what happens, you got this. Bye for now and see you on the next meditation.