Let’s get ready to meditate and stay peaceful and safe during this full moon

Today, I am doing a full-moon meditation, very useful for the full-moon in Taurus that is happening this weekend.  However, this technique can be used anytime you feel a little bit extra protection from others their aggressive energies might be what you need. The main purpose of this meditation is that you can stay safe, because when the full moon happens, our emotions can run high and the people around us might have high emotions. So you want to stay safe, loving and kind. You want it to be easy. I’m going to put my hand on my heart and take a deep breath in and out.

I drop my shoulders and I breathe in and out.

I imagine myself always being in a safe space. One of the techniques I can use is when I feel an argument coming up with somebody or a conversation that is making me feel slightly uncomfortable, I will see around the other person and myself the figure 8 in a golden light.  I am sitting in the bottom part of the Golden 8, and the other person is sitting in the top part of the Golden Eight. And we are both one hundred % protected by love, by the golden light. And in the middle where the crossover is, that is where our hearts connect.

I find that this is the best way I can communicate heart-to-heart with the other person and feel safe.

I can feel for a moment their pain without their pain affecting me, without their pain triggering me.

I can feel it in my heart and go, Yes, I can see you are hurt, but we are safe here. And then you can see that with that golden light, all the pain and the hurt are dissolving. It all goes back to the nothingness where it came from. And it runs out of the Golden Age because, in these two circles that are connected in the middle, there is no room for anything that is not love. All fear is dribbling out of it, going away. I feel how clean the air is in your part of the eight, in your circle. It’s beautiful. And anything you’re clinging onto, just let it as water from a duck glides off you straight out of the golden eight. Just this moment for now. Drop your story of, This is who I am. Let it go. And drop your story about the other person in the Golden Eight on the other side. This is who they are, and this is what they’ve done to me or what they’re doing.

This is what they’re saying. It’s all story. Just drop it for a moment. And all you can see that is remaining is the love where you are connected in the middle, love for each other, deep love, deep connection. Everything else is a story. This is a perfect time to let go of that story and feel how the love in your heart is expanding and filling up that whole part of the Golden Eight and see it happening to the person in front of you. Their heart is expanding and it’s blasting away all the crusts that are sitting around their heart chakra, around their personality, around their pains. They’re becoming like little kittens, little puppy dogs, pure love. Nothing else remains. You both are so safe, so loved, so joyful. And you know that this connection is what true connection is. And not only that, not only with this person, you could be connected with the whole world just like this without judging them, without them judging you, just being in the light of pure golden love. And when you feel that you have let go of everything and you’ve seen the love in the other person, you can then disconnect the two parts of the eight, and you can stay in your path, your golden circle, and be ready for the next connection, the next situation, the person you bump into can go in the other part of the golden eight.


And so it will go on for eternity. You being love, seeing love, experiencing love, and turning all fear and anger and mistrust. Anything that is not love, turn it into love within this golden eight. You can rub your hands together and then put them on your eyes and come back here now. Thank you for meditating with me.