With the powerful new moon coming up in Pisces, I wanted to share another meditation with you. We are entering a season where you can rewrite your stories. We are entering a time to break the old thoughts and patterns that have been holding you back and replace them with thoughts and beliefs that will bring you closer to the REAL you.
Try to commit to a regular meditation practice. Take advantage of the New Moon in Pisces to start a life-changing habit. I get up about half an hour before the sun rises and sit down to meditate. I use the timer on Insight Timer the meditation app. I have started with this unique Kundalini technique, and I find it gets my energy level and thoughts going on a whole new level. Try it out for yourself! For 40 days minimum get in the habit of doing this meditation for only 11 minutes just before the sun gets up and journal afterwards. The insights you will get deepen your awareness to a level you didn’t know it exists.

Go on try now! Have fun and let me know how you go.