To have a look into the future I went back in the past in this weeks video. I dusted off my old runes and asked for a message related to all who watch my video. We got the rune Sowelu. Which stands for Wholeness, Life Force, The Sun’s Energy. Our future is to become a spiritual seeker and lover of the spiritual realm. Open yourself up and let the light in. The book accompanying the runes gave a prayer from the Gayatri:

“You, who are the source of all power,

whose rays illuminate the world,

Illuminate also my heart

So that it too can do your work.”

While you say these words imagine the sun’s rays streaming forth into the world, entering your heart, then streaming out from your heart’s centre and back into the world.

I love how it talks about doing without doing, do without manipulative efforts.

The other quote is from John 5:30: I can of mine own self do nothing.

That is a truth bomb. Allow the new energies to carry you high on their wings. Let the energy of unconditional love flow through you and towards all that you come in contact in. Let that Love be contagious and create a spiritual love pandemic.

the book I read from is The Book Of Runes from Ralph Blum