It’s too cold to go outside and make my weekly video with the alpacas in the background. I decided to sit nice and cosy at my kitchen counter. I was guided to use oracle cards today: Angels and Ancestors from Kyle Gray. It confirmed what I was feeling earlier.

Have you noticed that the earth has been bringing in new frequencies? I have been lying on the ground and filling every cell of my body with this new vibration. There are now bigger opportunities than ever to envision how you want the new world to be. How you want your life to be. How you can start living stressfree and in a deep connection to your heart and the community around you. We think we have so many problems and needs but I have never found one that cannot be solved by building your spiritual muscle. It is a tool that can support you to find the love of your life, to rebuild your marriage, to find a career that is nourishing to your soul and body, to reinvent your whole life. I have witnessed from close up how people I worked with transform their lives in this way. It fills my heart when I read their messages and see their newfound happiness. If you want help with this reach out to me, email me at let me know what you are struggling with at the moment.

I’m here for you

sending you lots of love