I start this week’s video with showing you a drawing that came through and it looks very similar to what I see when I do aura readings. I can see energy clusters that are filled with images, videos that represent past experiences and thoughts. Some people call it samskaras. One way to let go of old energies like that is dancing. When we dance, we shake up our energy field. We release blockages and make room for new possibilities to enter.

Try dancing this upcoming week as if no-one is watching you. Move it out, jump up and down and let it flow. Once you feel you have cleansed your energy, wear a nice protective cloak around you and keep filling yourself up with divine loving energy. You are always safe.

If you are leading a professional life with high-stress levels and you want to turn that around and become more peaceful and work from your soul level to create the life of your dreams email me: nadine@nniptyltd.com and let’s see if we are a good fit to make that change happen

I used the following decks:

Spirit Cards Oracle Deck John Arthur Moseley

Keepers of the Light Oracle Deck Kyle Gray

sending you lots of love