It’s ok to play your own tune, you do you.

After weeks of not even touching my guitar, I decided to have a go today. I missed the energy of the vibration I get when I tune into a string. As I started practising a song I was guided to make this video. The message is that it’s ok to play your own tune, you do you. However, we are all part of the same orchestra.

So can you find the harmony part? Or do you prefer to be stuck a bit longer in the chaos?

Can you step in the part of the witness of the dis-harmony without judging it?

What about your awareness of your vibrational level?

Can you tune yourself up to the next level?

Can you become more aware of what you are creating on a daily basis?

Where can the lower and upper parts create harmony?

Let this full moon in Aries this week remove that what no longer serves your best creations so you can focus on your dreams. Tune into your soul and create your own unique sound. Enjoy the path you are on and use music, the vibrational quality of music, to stay tuned in and tapped on.

with lots of love


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