Divine Feminine Wisdom: Shaqina’s Message of Light

Today, as I searched for inspiration to begin my weekly energy reading, I turned to Megan Waterson’s “The Divine Feminine Oracle” book. The card that revealed itself was Shaqina, bearing a message that resonated deeply: “Presence of the divine feminine at the centre of everything that is light, and I am that light.” The word ‘light’ stood out, echoing a sentiment I had pondered earlier in my journaling session – both love and light, subtle energies with profound significance.

Love, Light, and the Heart’s Connection:

In my journal, I contemplated how, at our core, we embody love, possibly stemming from the same source as light. Shaqina’s image pointed me to the heart space, underscoring a poignant question: Where can I open my heart more? As we invite light into our hearts, we invite love as well. This connection speaks to the transformative power of these energies, often discussed in the context of shifting paradigms, rising resonances, and cosmic phenomena like solar flares.

Unveiling the Etheric Body: Perceiving Subtle Energies:

The conversation about subtle energies extends beyond the heart. I discussed how embracing higher, intense energies can lead to personal transformation. We may feel more tired at times, but these energies offer an opportunity to become lighter, more love-infused, and to perceive our bodies in a new light – even becoming more aware of our ethereal bodies. Understanding that discomfort and disease often begin in the etheric body prompts us to explore this energy field. Perceiving subtle energies from your own etheric body to the world around you invites us to train our perception and unlock hidden truths. Start with holding your hand against a very dark surface and stare until you see the light around your hand. Become aware that there are so many subtle energies that we never notice. Try to see the energy around trees; keep staring at them until you see the finer energetic movement just beside the bark and leaves. Retrain your physical eyes to see more than what they see now.
In this journey of self-discovery and energy exploration, we are encouraged to open our hearts to the influx of love and light, to see the world with new eyes, and to perceive the subtle energies that shape our existence. As we embrace these subtle light energies, we may find ourselves on a transformative path of enlightenment, healing, and self-awareness.