This week as I was tuning into the energies for you I got a clear message that we are going through a time that is supportive of creating a new life for you on your terms.

You know what is important to you. What lights you up and makes your heart sing.

I was thinking that right now is the perfect time to tune in with source energy, or as I sometimes call jokingly “my boss”, and get some downloads that will bring you straight into this amazing high frequency and from there you can create momentum to create your life on your terms.

We can deeply feel into what is essential and what not.

We don’t know what it is true and what is a lie right now, more time is needed to sort this all out and meanwhile, you have this amazing opportunity to go inside. To deeply feel, smell, hear and see what you really want your life to look like. How you want the world to be. How amazing possibilities are opening up. We could all have this sustainable life where there is no stress, no hassle, no violence, no hunger. People living together in peace, in contact with each other, in alignment with nature and with all their essential needs fulfilled in the best possible way. Start dreaming now. What you focus on is what you get!

I will keep you informed on my 2 weeks challenge that is starting in May so you too can know what the boss is saying. A 2-week immersion into opening your ability to receive information from the highest source. Be connect and feel safe, certain, peaceful and happy. It’s going to level you up so you can easily access the new paradigm that is opening up right now!