The main ingredient of getting rid of negative reactions is putting your thoughts both negative and positive on paper. We have way too many thoughts. We have thoughts that are not even our own plus we keep running the same ones over and over until they drive us crazy. We say to ourselves: things like: “he/she/they shouldn’t be doing this, I don’t want … , I do want.., I just wish that ….” and the list goes on. When any of these thoughts loops gets triggered by a person close to us we can overreact and lash out. Afterwards, we regret what we did or even you already have stopped the knee jerk reaction and you are aware to wait you are still fretting inside about the fact that you got triggered by the situation. You hit yourself over the head with more thoughts on how you should react and how you should feel. If you dump all these thoughts on a daily basis on paper without judging what you have written you are a step closer to becoming the eternal witness. The master of your thoughts and vibrational level. You get to see what is repeating in your head and what doesn’t belong there. In this week’s video, I compare taking a morning dump to do a brain dump on paper and how both a bowel movement is as important as a brain movement. I talk about that thing that hits the fan so my language is way more profane than usual. But I needed to make this analogy to explain how they both bring relief once done even when the process itself might not always be as pleasurable. If you like my video’s don’t forget to hit subscribe so you get notified as soon a new one comes up.