Hi there
I’m an intuitive and love to tune into the energy that is influencing many people. Right now I can feel that we are all wanting to figure out something with a certain urgency. At the same time, we feel blocked and can’t see a way to solve the issue and find a way forward. The same questions might be going around and around in your head. Questions like the following:
How do I go forward in my business?
How can I make more income?
How can I solve this problem in my relationship?
Should I stay or go?
What do I need to do now?
The answer is very simple. You are meant to sit with it. Stay in the now and deal with what is in front of you. Ground yourself in nature. When you find that you can’t stay focused because the same problem keeps you awake at night try the meditation I talk about in the video. Your problem is already solved by the Universe and you will see that at the right time. For some things, the timing is off and so you can’t see the manifested reality of it yet. Give it to October or so and meanwhile keep your vibrational level high.
lots of love