We are all experiencing some type of loss at some point in our life. I lost my beloved dog Louis last Sunday and the experience of loss and sadness is very close to my heart right now. In this week’s vlog, I go deeper into how I approach this loss and the sadness that followed. The process I used works with any type of emotion and it is an amazing healing tool. I feel lighter afterwards and deeply connected to what I lost. Because I communicate and interact with more than just 3D I have a different approach and experience. But even as a psychic I still like to have direction, a mark that shows me which way to go. Donna Dolittle her pet oracle cards gave me just that. Her cards are perfect for those who want to communicate with their dog (or any other animal). You can buy them here: https://donnadolittle.com.au/pet-connection-cards/

Sending you lots of love and healing, soothing energies xo