We are at the beginning of a new era where there is a possibility for real growth. Suppression is the topic to look at right now. Start in your own backyard.

Are you aware of the level of xenophobia that is in you?

Where are you suppression your shadow sides?

Are you aware of the cultural common beliefs that you made your own? Can you own all that?

Can you also educate yourself and listen and deal with suppression?

It is a rant this week I admit and at a couple of times Spirit called me back into spiritual mode because I was getting caught up in the outside projection of what is going on inside of me.

Clean your belief system, feed it with first-hand information that points toward the solution and then go out and spread the love. More in my weekly vlog here below:

To give you some good love vibes here are some pictures from Macca the alpaca that was born yesterday at 9.30 am. Second son of Olivia.

lots of love


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