Have you slept more than usual? I certainly have. The energies have been knocking me around a bit, and I sometimes need up to 12 hours of sleep to digest them. I feel that we are getting ready for transitioning for change. We have a chance now to let go of all the old things that are no longer serving us in this new climate. I find a lot of similarities between what happened in 2005 and what I’m experiencing now is showing up. I’ve decided to plan for a lot of decluttering in January. Both on a physical and emotional level. Letting go of some old habits and installing new ones. Towards the end of this video, I pull a card from the Spirit Cards (John Arthur Moseley), and the Frog Spirit came up. Do you get the image? Us leaping like frogs from one place to the next, taking leaps of faith. If you focus on one jump at a time, the next step will be made obvious. We might not see the final destination, but we are always guided.

Learn to trust that guidance.

Have a miraculous festive seasons

lots of love Nadine