Here’s a quick weekly feeling into the energy at the moment.

You may have already experienced that significant change. Pluto is coming into Aquarius right now. Pluto is the God of the underworld, aka Hades, sitting next to the river Styx and waiting for you to cross over. And so there might be some darker sides of you that you have never been aware of coming to the surface. And that’s always good because then you can work with them. Going towards a full moon at the end of the week in Leo is an excellent time to see where you’ve been a bit too proud and full of yourself.

Are there particular areas where you could be more humble? It never hurts to be modest, but simultaneously, be aware that you are loved by the divine.

It’s a fine line between belittling yourself and being humble. I don’t want you to put yourself down and think less of who you are.
When you are in doubt, I suggest you put both your hands on your heart and take a deep breath in and out. Place your full attention on the air coming into your body, through your nostrils, into your lungs, and your heart chakra, and then go out and do that for 1 minute. Put your phone on a 1-minute timer if needed. Breathe in and breathe out. If you do get triggered, which is highly likely this week, go back to that exercise and think. Say to yourself: “Before I answer, before I go off like a frog in a sock, I am going to really just breathe and sit here to stay present, to hold the space. Turn into the role of you being the observer coming from divine love. Remember, you got this!

And no matter what is happening around you, if you have the practice to go inside and to go and connect from your breathing and the air in your lungs, through your heart, up to your connection with the divine, try to open that up little by little and then bring that down in the body. And from the body, go and ground your feet; attempt to go out on the grass barefoot. There’s another video here on YouTube where I showed the difference, where I measure the difference whether you’re barefoot or not with an electricity meter.

First thing this morning at 4.30, I walked naked on the grass, and it was a balmy 24 degrees. A pure connection to nature first thing in the morning makes the remaining day more manageable. The light was coming up, and I stood in the grass listening to the cicadas, treefrogs and birds.
So much love is available for all and waiting to be connected to.
Let go of the overthinking mind, your stress and just for one minute be.

Starting the day by going out in nature and grounding yourself benefits your whole system. Remember that connection so that you don’t stay in your mind or stress, but that you can give that to the earth.
You just let it all go. Have a fantastic week, and I look forward to seeing you next time. Bye for now.