A week ago, I was in a car accident as a passenger, and I learned a lot about surrendering to the moment. Surrendering to what is, is the “mot du jour”. We are being asked to reconsider, to look again at what is not working for us. We are being stopped in our tracks and asked to evaluate our shadows sides, especially in our relationships with other people. No-one is moving forward as yet, go and hibernate, take time out, go deep. Feel your emotions and try not to lash out at others while you’re at it. Emotions are energy in motion, and if you let it run it course instead of denying them, you are healing yourself. Blocked emotions give you a feeling of unease (disease). Going with the flow of your emotions with a heightened awareness brings freedom. If you feel you are being cracked open again, concentrate on where the light shines through the crack. What is the best possible outcome for you and all parties involved?

You got this!

with lots of love