I have put up an office space in the middle of the alpaca herd and loving every minute of it. Expect more change coming up and especially energy-wise. This can be uncomfortable for some of you as you might experience sleepless nights, urge to comfort eat, blurred vision and in general, issues connected to the new energies that are now available to us. I notice it when I meditate how there is a finer energetic wave in the air. A wave that I love to ride and that brings instant manifestation. The best example was that last week my husband and I were saying that one day we would get a female brown alpaca and the next day out of the blue one was born. We named her La Reina Del Valdora, it is easy to remember as Macca was born 10 days before her together they sound just like that song: Macarena. The more you can see the light side of life and tune into the divine presence in your body the more wonderful this time will be for you. You got it! If you are interested in having a highly psychic mentor to transform your life and turn it around send me a message on nadine@nniptyltd.com Let’s shift together into the new paradigm with ease and flow.