If you have been feeling very tired lately don’t worry it is normal.
Good news is that next week it will start to change. We have a very interesting week ahead, things might get hot and steamy. We are in the middle of an eclipse season and things are moving, shifting and changing at a fast pace. Mars is moving into Aries and you will feel the need to get going again. However for some that might bring up frustration, anger and other related emotions that come to the surface after being repressed for a very long time.
Make time next week for nurturing and spending time with your closest.
See where you can live life with less, what can you let go off?
Emotionally and physically.
If things have not been working out for you ask why. Investigate, dream into how a new world could be like.
What do you want your life to look like?
What old wounds are you healing?
What can you do to grow more into your power?
As always I love to hear from you and you can email me here through the website on the Contact page.