We are going through unprecedented times and it is not easy I get that. I can see how so many of you are struggling to keep the faith that all is going to be well in the end and that things will go back to normal.
I have this visual of all of us going through a birthing channel and being uncomfortable leaving the known behind and stepping into the unknown. There are new dangers to discover but also new pleasures. You know how I always talk about everything being energy and everything also being connected. From this perspective try to set heart-based intentions. When we all together join from our heart and send love as a worldwide intention we can change the vibrational level and the outcome. If you are interested in this I suggest you read the Intention Experiment from Lynne McTaggart. Let’s join forces and create more love in this world. And if today you are not up for it just sit back and enjoy the wave of this positive vibe coming your way. The alpacas are sending you their love and cuddles. PS I’m also happy to have a chat with you on how you can turn a stressful life into a beautiful, new and rich life. If I can do it so can you. Send me an email: nadine@nniptytld.com
lots of love