There is so much going on at the moment and I had a hard time tuning in so I took my old Osho Tarot deck to bring me inspiration. I’ve been busy making big changes in my own life and business but I still felt the need to make a video for those who might benefit. The first card confirmed my feeling that many of us might now feel that we are an outsider. We might feel like that little child that is standing in front of the locked gate looking to a rosier part. If only we could feel we are exactly where we are meant to be and that all we need to do is get the key so we can open that gate and enter a brighter future. A new vision is needed, spread yourself in all directions. The low and the high are both needed but there are many aspects of yourself that you can now discover. Do not stay with the old stories. Drop them as you become aware of each sorry story you tell yourself. Each time you experience you don’t belong, that you feel excluded I want you to go to the root of that feeling. See if you can drop that story you tell yourself about what happened to you. You had to be disconnected from your mother so you could experience what it is to be an independent human being. Find the real connection the one that really matters and that can be broken; your connection to source energy, the divine. And remember you got this!
Lots of love