Take Me To The Beach!

The blog challenge has finished, and I am going to try to keep the good habit going of writing something every day. I no longer get a subject so I will have to make them up. If you have any ideas, send me a message email of PM on FB. My interests are so wide that I struggle to focus. Especially to focus on one thing for a long time. I get distracted by something new. So much to learn and so much information available everywhere.
September for me is still the start of a new school year. As an alumni of the Freedom plan, I get to do the course again. It is one of the big advantages of this course that set me on the road to more freedom. I now decided which hours of the day I work and they are not the conventional ones. I got up at 4 am two days in a row now and during the day when the sun is out I get out and go and read a bit on the beach.
Freedom is a paramount thing to me. I know we all have in our mind, we are always free to make choices in our mind, however, to have freedom to spend our time as we wish has been a rare thing for me.
I will spare you the details of the other courses and challenges I am trying to keep up with. They are not all related to growing my online business some are more spiritual in nature. My priority number one is still to mindset training. To train my mind to not believe what it thinks. To bring my “right mind” to the forefront and to let the “ego mind” go unnoticed. Bringing my consciousness to that level is real freedom. It is trying to achieve that what can never be lost, and that is the answer to all suffering. The transcending of the world issues while being in the middle of them.

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