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I Love Monday Mornings

This Monday morning I sit here in my office admiring the new sliding fly screen my husband installed over the weekend.
I love working close to nature and letting the fresh, outdoor air waft through my office space.

Not long ago I used to hate Monday mornings. It was a dreaded feeling of a week full of stress ahead. Now since I am an entrepreneur again, everything has changed. The reason why I do what I do is different. It is no longer about me making money so I can pay all my bills. I now start my Monday morning thinking: “how can I be of service this week? How can I be a better person than I was last week? How can I have more joy and spread more joy?”

I have my first aura healing lined up at 9 am and I am looking forward to being of service of that person.
To be able to read someone’s energy system and see what is hindering them from getting the maximum out of their presence on the planet today.

I love how I now find it easier to lead a healthy lifestyle for the same reason. It is no longer about the little me and what I get out of it. It is all in service of something bigger. I tune into my higher energy levels and bring them down into my body. I start my day by connecting to the highest universal spiritual force I can get and ask to be guided.
I call that force my boss and I know if I serve that higher purpose and take action from that alignment all else will fall into place.

What can you change this week to make sure your next Monday morning is a splendid one?