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One of the things that brought me lots of joy in my life was my interactions with horses. What is it about a horse that brings out the best in us, or the worst depending on the type of day we are experiencing. Is it the non-verbal communication? The honesty of our four legged companions? The emotions we feel when we caress a horse and look into there big eyes? Then again all horses are different. There can be similarities but once you really get to know a certain horse it is very different from another horse that could be standing right next to it. Some horses I warmed to immediately and others took me a long time to appreciate them. After ten years of not seeing any horse in close up I got back on one the other day for a beach walk. It was just amazing how good it felt to back in the saddle. The perspective from upon a horse is different then when we walk on our own feet or when we push our pedals on a bike. The horse makes me feel closer to nature, they are often aware of little changes around us that we hardly notice. When they enjoy the soft breeze on the beach it is contagious. A joy shared is so much more real then when experienced alone. When riding a horse in the woods you get to see animals that would normally run away when you would approach them. I saw deer and wild boars at a very close range.

So this year it is definitely on my list to get back into nature more often and once in a while on the back of horse…