The Tribe

by | Apr 1, 2016

The LPA Tribe is here!

This community is for you if you want to live purposeful and abundant.

If you are tired of figuring it out all alone how to have more purpose in your life and bring positive change you want to be part of this online community.

The Tribe of Living Purposeful and Abundant is all about overcoming your beliefs that are holding you back to be, do or have that what you really want.

If you think you can’t afford to live your life the way you want, you want to look at this again. The way money shows up in your life is related in the way you treat the rest in your life.

You can join the Tribe of Living Purposeful and Abundant (LPA) for only $47 a month

What you will get:

-this is a private group where you will be part of a community that will hold the space so you can share your message without being judged

– you will have a life coaching call every 2 weeks where you can ask questions and get coached on what is holding you back to live the life of your dreams and make the money you want to make

– this is where the transformation happens, what you share becomes easier, you are not alone

– you can leave questions in the group and they will be answered

– be part of the 1% that is making a difference

– the weekly video just for you to make sure you stay in alignment with your dream life

– you will be guided to free yourself from the enslavement of the corporate world and create abundance on your terms

Get off the fence and join now to experience how it feels to belong:

The Tribe of Living Purposeful and Abundant