This weekend I got quite upset reading comments on FB on the Eckhart Tolle event that is taking place here on the Sunshine Coast in May. Hayhouse organises it now. I remember the last time I went in 2009 or so it was arranged by someone else and the price was the same with accommodation as it is now just for the speeches.

I saw lots of angry comments from people saying that it is very unspiritual to charge AUD1000 for a weekend with E. Tolle. They commented that it should be affordable for everyone or for free because that is what spirituality is all about.

Whisky, Tango, Foxtrot.

Why is it that people seem to think that spiritual means free?

Money is energy and responds to a vibration just like everything else in the universe.

These are the same people who easily spend that amount of money on smoking or alcohol.  

They refuse to put the money where their mouth is.

If you find it imperative to spend time in the energy field of an enlightened person you move heaven and earth to get that amount together. If you actually prefer status quo and keep complaining that you can’t afford things guess what? You will get exactly that. You might find it hard to admit, but you love your pain more than the uncomfortable feeling of change.

Nobody says anything that Antony Robbins charges more than double in the same month but at the Goldcoast. Is it because he jumps up and down and Eckart just sits on a chair while he talks?

Is Robbins allowed to charge a lot of money because he makes more noise and gets the adrenaline flowing?

You need to want enlightenment as a drowning man wants air if you want to change your present state of being.

Do you prefer to stay numb and eat and drink your emotions away? Good. Do that but do not criticise the amount Eckhart Tolle charges for something that might actually change your life.

Rant over…

Now it is your turn!

What is your take on this?

Remember you are only one mind shift away!