Unlocking Your Super Powers

Today is day 4 of the ten-day blog challenge of the Freedom plan. #10DBC #freedomplan

It is all about writing down your super powers.

What am I good at?
After many side roads trying to find my voice online, I finally do now what has always come so naturally to me that I didn’t even realise it is something that could be used to run an online business. I find it unbelievable that something so obvious, right in front of me took so much coaching and inner work to be seen and recognised as my super power. I used to be convinced I had to get a certification to run a programme as a business. I see now that the most difficult exercise in the freedom plan was the most obvious one.

One day during a coaching session with a transformational business babe coach I realised that my superpower is aura reading and healing. I used it in my certified programs to discover subconscious blocks with clients and even with customers of other coaches when they got stuck.

I suddenly realised that I needed to come out of the psychic closet and admit to everyone that I have those gifts.

While I am typing this blog the heat rises to my face and I move around on my chair. I am still getting used to the idea of talking about this. I think: “who do you think you are admitting you are psychic?” You are not perfect. I was waiting all the time to be perfect as the healer before talking openly about it. It was my best-kept secret. Now I am taking this to the next step where I am going to teach other coaches to train their spiritual muscle and raise their awareness. I want other to become mind readers too!

What is your superpower?