Worldwide we remember our dead and let go of the old in the month of November. It is the best month for positive transformation. Dead is the beginning of rebirth. The letting go of the old and dying to our old habits can be a painful process. However, it does not have to be that way. What makes change painful is that we resist it. We pull off the band-aid very slowly and very painfully instead of taking one fast rip.

If you are right now experiencing pain have a good look into your mind. First thing in the morning write three pages and see what comes up. After doing this for a week, you will have a clear picture of what it is what you are not letting go off. The awareness of what is causing you the pain is the beginning of the healing.

Next step to let go of the old and the pain is to imagine you step into a temple with a large altar. On that altar, you lay all the things you are aware of that are causing your pain and that are delaying your happiness.

Say: ” I am placing all that I no longer need here on the altar so it can be altered” Ask the Universe to take care of everything that is put upon the altar. Trust the this is what will happen. All that is required of you is that you keep repeating: “I am willing to see this situation differently” over and over again. And to keep trusting the Universe is benign and on your side transcending all the issues that you have placed upon the altar. You are ready to allow all that is new to now show up to replace that what you have let go of.

November is going to be the month you will make a positive transformation that will influence the rest of your future.