Lately, I have been pondering a lot about what is called the no-mind way of being in daily life.
The more I focus on being present in the moment all through my day no matter what I am doing, the more aware I have become of the antics of my mind.
My mind is like that drinking buddy that keeps saying come along with me, we are going to have so much fun, drink ourselves stupid and we will not have to remember a thing the next day. How much fun does that sound?
It resembles how my mind sometimes tries to disconnect me from being in the here and now. It wants to keep me busy with thinking about others, about how others are at fault is a big time favourite.

Do you want peace of mind? Ok, let us blame some people who are standing in the way of you achieving that. WTF this type of reaction is exactly what will bring me away from being at peace. I am not here to judge others. I am here to experience what is means to be fully present in the now. I used to have a glass of red wine to slow down my thinking mind. After 2 or 3 glasses my thinking capacities are getting very slowed down. I can trick myself in saying it is a form of meditation and quiet my mind like that, but it is the opposite.
It is numbing of my awareness; it feels good for a short while and then it is just like going asleep. Losing the focus and being carried away on a wave of unconscious thoughts.

The greatest power is that I have the ability to change my mind. It takes training and some discipline but in the end it is much simpler than I thought. Before I can slip into my no mind situation, I start with monitoring myself.
Whenever I believe it is about the other person, it is a give away that I am in my ego mind, the monkey mind. All it usually takes is some willingness from my side to change this around. I see every situation as an assignment to shine more brightly. I notice which triggers are pulling me out of my peaceful state of mind.

Every trigger is an opportunity for growth and one step closer to being able to live from the no-mind state of being. When I am being triggered, I stop focusing on the person that triggered me. Maybe all they did is made a mistake. That is not important. If I focus on the guilt of the other person in my experience, I will be hurt by it.

The trick is to accept people exactly how they are and to show up.

Hold the space for everyone and every situation to just be.

The more I can hold this space the more I feel light and the more I slip into no-mind.

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