Lately, I have been using the words “willing to” left, right and centre. I have discovered that I am very stuck in the way I see certain situations and people. I need to move on from that if I want to change my level of happiness.
I always had a need of things being my way. A school teacher in first grade wrote in my report: “Nadine does not understand that things cannot be done according to her way” and she nailed it. I still struggle with that.
My lesson in this life is to become more humble and to see things from all sides. By willing to release the need to be right a whole new world presents itself to me. A world of new possibilities that I have not seen before because I was too stuck in my ways.
I decided earlier this week to go for darshan again to Mother Meera. Last time I visited her was in a castle in Germany about 17 years ago. She is the avatar of the female energy and opened up a cosmic channel that I have only let in drop by drop. I have been afraid of turning up the notch of my psychic abilities and the consequences of having a vibration that is even more sensitive than it is now.

Honestly, it scares the shit out of me. I know that when I level up like that a lot of my shadow side will also come to the surface and the first one to pop up is that need of mine to be right. The stubbornness that I feel in the rigidness of bones. The anger that I feel in my joints when things do not go my way. The allergies and food intolerance that have been showing up all my life are my body showing me to be more tolerant and less easily irritated.
I often coped with this just by hiding away. However, denial is not transcendence. I need to go and face the music and look at my darker sides. I cannot bring the light into the darkness. I need to bring the darkness to the light so can transcend it.
So my plan is to work on my willingness to see things differently. To go and have Mother Meera untie my spiritual knots so I can be better at service.
I am willing to see everyone I meet differently.
I am willing to be wrong.
It is so much more important to be happy!
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