Do you experience your mobile phone playing up?

Have you had   issues with your computer?

Or is it more your car or other mechanical things that can make you feel like jumping up and down and lose your cool?

I used to have issues with objects all the time. I even found the excuse to say that because of my high sensitivity and outflowing energy stuff would crash.

One day I had a big realisation. I made a big difference between objects that are “alive” and “dead” ones. I delved into some metaphysical books to learn more about the matter, atoms and what the particles are that make up our universe.

The best way to explain this is to use the quote of Einstein: “Matter and time are an illusion albeit a persistent one”.

Everything is in motion, always changing.

Change is brought on by the observer.

Where I as the observer put my awareness I will see a result.

Most of the time we are not consciously creating our illusion. We scatter our attention as the observer depending on our emotions at any given moment. We act mostly from a subconscious level.

Have you tried to do a test with consciously putting your emotion, intention and awareness to an object to influence it?

Have you watched the youtube video: “Water, Consciousness & Intent: Dr Masaru Emoto”?

I strongly suggest you do.

We are constantly influencing our environment with the quality of our thoughts. Not only water molecules, but also the atoms that make up your phone or computer.

I have a relationship with all the physical tools I use daily. In the morning when I open my computer I tell it that I am grateful for how it has enhanced the quality of my life. If it starts playing up, I will give it Reiki, talk even more lovingly to it and write down a long list of all that I appreciate about my computer.

The same about my phone, every day I shower it with gratitude.

My car, I talk to my car and lovingly take good care of it. Once I was in the middle of nowhere, and my tank was empty. Logically I was not going to make it to the next fuel station. I started a conversation with my car. I apologised for not having it filled up and asked if it could help me with using the fuel as economically as possible and make it last until the next station. Strangely enough, it did. I was filled with joy and realised that everything I observe is influenced by how much love I send it.

I have also experienced the opposite. Going into negative spirals that bring more of the non-wanted experiences.

Make this a playful exercise. Give your laptop, phone and car a name.

Ask for what they need, how you can take better care of them.

Remember how the atoms changed in water and gave that same healing energy to everything that you touch today.

I am looking forward to see you comments here below on how you went with all this!

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