Being open to the ultimate possibility.

Today I am going to use my journal writings for this blog. Yesterday I followed a meditation workshop, and I took some interesting notes in my journal.

Whatever we do first of all we set an intention. I have set a profound intention this year of self-discovery. To get to my goal I have to let get off a whole set of limiting beliefs. The most difficult one is that I see the attaining of my intention as something in time. The goal I have, the awakening of the real self, is not something set in time. It is only available in the here and now.
I went and did some self-searching and realised that it there is fear of being overwhelmed with self-realisation. Imagine to be one with all that is. That gives feelings like overwhelm and the fear of losing it once found. Opening up to the divine love seems so easy and at the same time, I feel like I will disappear when I do. The separate part of me would be annihilated.
To stay focused on my goal of awakening, I started journaling. This really works for me.
I am ready to receive spiritual awakening.
I am open to the discovery of my true nature.
I can float above all fear.
I discover the ability to live from a deeper level.
I can imagine how good my life would be without feeling overwhelmed.
I now make room to expand beyond that what I know.
I let go of my resistance to extasy.
I make room for that type of happiness that cannot be taken away.
The nature of things is so good that it defies good.
My emotions will still rise and fall, but my Buddha nature at the heart of my being will not fade.
I want happiness to take me over.
I no longer see spiritual awakening as a potential in the future. It is always, only right now.
I let go of the idea that there is a process in time to get there.
I choose to let go of all that stands in the way.
I am open to the ultimate possibility.
I bring myself back to the moment.
I intend to stay fully present in the now.
I am present to what is.
I allow space for the unknown.
I put down the intention to no longer believe all my thoughts and react to my emotions.
I recognise that my true nature, who I really am, is not constrained by the limitations of my past.

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